Azerbaijan Union of Film-makers,taking into consideration the positive role that film-maker can play in spreading the realities of Karabakh in the international arena, as well as emphasizing the necessity of fullness and realistic reflection of human tragedies of the Karabakh war in our cinema,announces a screenwriting contest for a full-length feature film named Karabakh. Human. Victory.

Regardless of the genre of the script submitted to the contest, it is desirable to reflect Karabakh war through the prism of human destiny, its drama and tragedy and to be interesting both to local and foreign audiences.

To participate in the contest, submit a full-length feature film script (electronic version on CD and 2 copies in printed version, Courier New font, size 12), information about the author (contact phone and e-mail address). The script must be submitted to the office of the AzerbaijanUnion of Film-makers by November 22, 2020. Address: 18 Hasan Seyidbayli, Baku

The rights of the script submitted to the competition must belong to the author. Scripts must be original and unscreened.

The winners will be awarded with diplomas and cash prizes:

Grand prize – 5000 AZN

Incentive prizes – (2 scripts) 2500 AZN

The production of the winning script will be submitted to the Ministry of Culture as an expedient project.

For additional information, please contact: (012) 5059533,

mail: [email protected]