Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers has provided financial support to cast director Sabuhi Mammadov’s project “Azerbaijan Actors – a new platform for Azerbaijani actors.”

It should be noted that the purpose of the project is to introduce and represent Azerbaijani actors on a single Internet resource during the casting stage.

Mammadov says that apart from the actors working in the theater, there is no catalog of other independent actors, young people and students of the University of Arts, and they are not presented on any Internet resources in accordance with the standards of the film industry: “It’s an instrument called an actor’s portfolio, which includes pictures, videos, information about actors. Directors can choose actors based on this information by checking these resources.”

Mammadov also said that we have already started this project at the initiative of the Azerbaijan Actors Agency, with the technical and financial support of the AUF: “At the initial stage, a portfolio of young actors and students working independently will be created. It will be represented on a certain Internet resource – At another stage, according to the plan it will be continued with the older generation of actors. All this aims to represent and present Azerbaijani actors on a single website in accordance with the standards. Additionally, and will be created in frame of this project. The presentations and portfolios of the actors will be posted on those sites.

By the way, the first actor`s agency was founded in 2013 by Sabuhi Mammadov. Since its establishment, the agency has played a major role in the access of Azerbaijani actors to the world of national and foreign cinema, protection of their professional rights, recognition of new talented faces, as well as casting and production activities in the field of theater and cinema. Films supported and cast by the Actors Agency (“Eliza” short debut film, “Stormy sky” TV series, “Violinist” short debut film, “Ali and Nino” fiction film, Pie Pia Films, UK, “Klimanjara” fiction film, Sreda Studio, Russia, “Love story or printing machine”  fiction film, Azerbaijan, etc.)  are the films of different genres and the result of collaborations with many countries around the world.