Azerbaijan Union of Film-makers together with the Public Diplomacy Support Foundation named after A.M.Gorchakov announced Outstanding Azerbaijanis of Russia,a screenwriting contest for international documentary films in order to increase activity in the field of documentary films, as well as to promote Azerbaijanis who have achieved outstanding results in science, culture and public life in Russia.

The following scripts were admitted to the competition: Ashur’s House (Akber N. Najaf, Idris Heydarli, SeyranMahmudoglu), A Century of One Family (Togrul Juvarly, Ziya Shikhlinsky), The Gadjars (Nijat Dadashov, Reihan Isayeva), My Memories Live with Me (Nadir Machanov), Mammad (Seymur Elsever), Next (ChingizRasulzadeh), Only Emin … (GunelMehri), The Sun Rising in the East (UlviyaAhmadova), Lonely (RuslanMollayev), Forbidden To Gather More Than Three (Chingiz Rasulzadeh).

The jury headed by Rustam Ibrahimbeyov and composed of Oleg Safaraliyev, Vagif Azeryar and Ali Isa Jabbarov announced the names of the winners on the eve of the National Cinema Day:

1st place – Ashur’s House (Akber G. Najaf, Idris Heydarli, SeyranMahmudoglu)

2nd place – A Century of One Family (TogrulJuvarly, Ziya Shikhlinsky)

3rd places – The Sun Rising in the East (Ulviya Ahmadova), Next (Chingiz Rasulzadeh), and The Gajars (NijatDadashov, ReihanIsayeva).

Azerbaijan Union of Film-makers will make an effort to screen the script that won the first place.

The jury expresses the gratitude to all the authors for their participationin the contest, and wishes them success in their creative activities. The winners of the contest will be awarded with diplomas and cash prizes.