The Azerbaijan Union of Film-makers (AUF) is a creative public organization uniting which brings together, on a voluntary basis, cinema workers – Azerbaijan’s professional cinema workers.

The AUF is an independent organization operating on the basis of its own Charter, possessing legal and other rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Non-Governmental Organizations (public associations and foundations)”.

The main objective of the Union is to develop national cinema as an integral part of national culture and world cinema.

The organization operates on the entire territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Union consistently and purposefully cooperates with other creative and public organizations and state bodies of the Republic in analyzing and summarizing the development trends of Azerbaijani cinema in the context of national and world culture, developing concepts for the development of national culture, maintains direct creative and business contacts with cinema organizations of other countries, represents the interests of its members abroad, and protects their professional, civil and social rights.

The Azerbaijan Union of Film-makers was established on 11 January 1963 at the First Constituent Assembly of Film Workers of the Republic.