Visla Polish Film Festival, which will be held for the eighth time within the framework of the cooperation with AUF has been launched. The first film screened on October 10th was the fiction film “Dangerous Gentlemen” by Maciej Kawalski.

Before screening, festival coordinator and project manager Yana Nechai answered the questions of film critics Sevda Sultanova at the opening of the festival.

Yana Nechai spoke about film sector development in Poland. She informed that the main reason for the development is the presence of a high-quality film school and free environment for young people working in this field in the country. In addition, she emphasized state support for young film workers.

Yanna Nechai also talked about the peculiarities of Polish cinema. According to her, the main feature of Polish films is their comicality. Even they can add humor to the drama.

As for the film “Dangerous Gentlemen”, it is a humorous synthesis of crime and comedy. Gangsters, artists, politicians and a mysterious corpse. Before the screening, Sevda Sultanova gave a brief information about the film. “Dangerous Gentlemen” is a historical-biographical film. There are also political parodies. The four main characters in the film are actually well-known Polish intellectuals,” she mentioned.

Audience watched it with laughter, fear and surprise. To add with, 6 Polish films will be screened at “Azerbaijan” CinemaPlus in total.