A highly important publication for the development of our cinema

For the very first time in the history of Azerbaijani cinema, Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers has published “History of Azerbaijani cinema” in tome 4. The author of the publication, writer, film researcher Nariman Abdulrahmanli has studied the 120-year history of our cinema in all its details.Speaking about the book, Rustam Ibrahimbayov, project director of the publication, said that “the fundamental study in 4 tome allows us to follow the process of formation of Azerbaijan cinema from the beginning till  present.The text of the research, which is rich in factual sense, has an interesting dramaturgy in terms of structure.It allows you to review the historical process from different angles – chronological, genre, thematic, conceptual, etc.It is also necessary that the history of our cinema has been studied in the context of large-scale socio-political processes that significantly affect the number of films produced in different periods, and most importantly the content and artistic embodiment of films.”

Film critic Sevda Sultanova considers the book an important publication for the development of our cinema: “This is the first time that such a comprehensive, fundamental, detailed study on our cinema has been published.The author as well as film researcher Nariman Abdulrahmanli covers wide range of topics, not only the history of cinema, but also the production stages, artist-officer relations,technical base, film distribution process, as well as the creative process as a whole – from scenic painter works to music.

According to Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers, taking into account the gaps in the film history, the art of cinema, film theory publications and books, they will also be engaged in film publishing, in addition to the branchs of activity for our cinema. The “History of Azerbaijani cinema” in 4 tome is the second edition after the book “Hasan Seyidbeyli: Personality and Creator” which dedicated to his 100th anniversary by the Union.”History of Azerbaijani cinema” is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the 120th anniversary of Azerbaijani cinema.