On March 5, a conference was held in the “Actor’s House” of the Union of Theater Workers regarding the merger of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers and the Union of Filmmakers of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the participation of members by both parties.

The conference agenda included formalization of the establishment of merged unions and approval of the charter, as well as the selection of the chairman and board. Those issues were put to a vote and accepted unanimously. As a result, the two film unions of Azerbaijan merged and the name of the new organization was accepted as Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers.

Hereafter, People’s Artist Rasim Balayev was presented as a candidate as a chairman. His chairmanship has been confirmed. Thus, Rasim Balayev was elected the chairman of the newly created Union. He expressed his gratitude to those who trusted him as a chairman

Secondly, Board members` list of the Union was approved.

In a nutshell, the merger case of the two film unions became a current issue since last year. On July 26, 2023, as a result of a meeting, a joint statement on the merger of both organizations was adopted.