Three years have passed since the establishment of Aki.az, the official website of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers.

By the decision of AUF Board, the website, which was launched especially on National Cinema Day on August 2, 2019, could gather a wide audience of readers via publishing by the dozens of news and articles dedicated to cinema within 3 years.

It should be noted that there are a large number of local news websites which most of them has a culture column. Despite this, it was almost non-existence to find articles, at least news, dedicated to Azerbaijani cinema, which has a great history, to the works done by professionals of our cinema, and drawing attention to their activities. Aki.az, which is the press organ of the Union, takes the initiative to highlight the activities of the organization it represents, and pays special attention to the activities of our filmmakers and the pages of our cinema history.

In addition to the promotion of our national cinema, our site has tried to constantly illuminate the problems existing in this sphere, new generation filmmakers` approach to the cinema, and what is happening in the world cinema. One of the important points is that the interesting projects and columns we have organized, the colorful news coverage have made aki.az popular among film lovers and professionals. News platforms already refer to it and share its materials on their sites. The work of the site is supported by Union` Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Although Aki.az is mainly published in Azerbaijani, but its services are constantly updated  in Russian and English.

Director Ali Isa Jabbarov, the secretary of AUF, notes that virtual reality is already a fact and our cinema life should be lively there too: “For this reason, AUF considers it important to increase the resources about our cinema on the Internet, and we pay attention to the activity of  Aki.az. The site has already become a source of news for serious Internet resources. Our members and filmmakers are the first to receive cinema news from our site. We have already established Kinoyazar.az, which is addressed to film theorists, to increase cinema themes in the Internet resources. We have also a productive cooperation with blogger-film theorist Haji Safarov’s “Watch a Film” page, and collaboration with “Azernewmedia” resource too. “Hereupon, we will increase our internet activities and establish another new film sites.”

As it can be seen, the work to be done, the projects to be implemented are still ahead. And our website will play a big role in the implementation of all of these.

Happy 3rd anniversary Aki.az!