This time, the documentary film “Antybohater” released in 2021 by Michal Kawecki, one of the young representatives of Polish cinema, was presented to cinemagoers on September 20 at “Azerbaijan” CinemaPlus.

The main character is a multiple champion in alpine skiing among people with physical disabilities. But the unexpected accusations put his participation in the Winter Olympics in question. Young boy had a difficult and contradictory life path and grew up under the care of his grandmother. Some day or other, he was arrested for theft, but later he was released on probation. A young man tries to pass the maths exam at school, sometimes gets discouraged, but still tries to fulfil the obligations society has set before him.

The moderator of the event, Sevda Sultanova, informed about the director Michal Kawecki

before the screening. The author is a graduate of Academy of Krakow. He makes mainly

documentaries. His documentary “Lost Children” is about children who were secretly deported to Germany during World War II. His other film  “Border” is about complicated family relationships. “Antybohater” was awarded the prize for the sensitive attitude of the director and skillful processing of the story from the psychological point of view at the Kraków Film Festival”.

According to the director Vagif Azeryar, first of all, “Antybohater” shows how ruthless and

uncompromising life is. Even if there is nothing particularly attractive in the film from a visual

point of view, in all cases it forces me as a director to make a film. There were a lot of close-

ups in the film, but it didn`t prevent me.

According to one of the viewers, the antagonist of the film  is actually the society that psychologically oppresses Michal and forces him to live by its own rules.

It should be noted that this is not the director’s last film about people with disabilities. The author’s latest film, “Born to Win”, depicts the struggle of a football team made up of people with disabilities, both on and off the field.