As we reported, on February 28, 2022, Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers announced the script competition of the short fiction films “I am a woman”.

It should be noted that the purpose of the competition is to promote the creation of modern Azerbaijani heroines in our cinema taking into account that all the cataclysms of our modern society are primarily reflected in the destinies of women, social and economic problems deal major blow to them, the unparalleled role of the Azerbaijani woman in achieving our glorious victory, despite the calamities caused to females by the tragedies of Karabakh war, the paucity of bright female characters in our cinema during the independence years.

The secretariat of AUF said that both the quantity and quality of the scripts that participated in the competition were a pleasant surprise for them. Submitted works are at least a unique sociological research of the state of our society. The secretariat expresses its gratitude to all participants and urges them to continue their script creation tirelessly.

It should be noted that by May 15, 2022, 107 scripts from 100 authors had been accepted for the competition. Today, the Union ceremoniously announces all 20 finalists.The winners and the members of the jury will be announced on August 1. We present the final works in an alphabetical order.

Bride`s veil” – Mirsadig Aghazadeh

“The taste of Strawberry”– Arzuman Mirzasoy

Dilbar” – Orkhan Mammadli

Biological mother” – Parviz Mammadov

Elen” – Reyhan Isayeva

Out of life” – Esmira Ayyub

“Against Gilavar on the coast of the Caspian”– Turkan Huseynova

“When the snow melts”– Lala Aliyeva – Klichkova

“What are the neighbors going to say?” – Leyla Nasibli

Murka” – Emin Afandiyev

How much is it?” – Gunel Shamilgizi-Baghiyeva

“Alone in the Middle”– Ilgar Guliyev

17th of October” – Haji Safarov

Cooled teas” – Leyla Nasibli

Dawn, evening, night and still dawn” – Elchin Arifoghlu

“It doesn’t snow in Singapore” – Leyla Atayeva

Onshore” – Turkan Huseynova

Thorn” – Ali Sattar Guliyev

I`m fine” – Sabina Jafarova

A basket”- Mirmehdi Aghaoghlu və Matlab Mukhtarov