Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers calls for script competition named “I am a woman”.

AUF launches a short feature film script competition. It should be noted that the purpose of the competition is to promote the creation of modern Azerbaijani female heroes in our cinema taking into account that all the cataclysms of our modern society are primarily reflected in the destinies of women, social and economic problems deal major blow to them, the unparalleled role of the Azerbaijani woman in achieving our glorious victory, despite the calamities caused to females by the tragedies of Karabakh war, the paucity of bright female characters in our cinema during the independence years.

  • Regardless of the genre of the script submitted to the competition, it is desirable the creation of a profoundly image of modern Azerbaijani women in all shades, the expression by the language of cinema of their struggle for personal prosperity and social goals of society, the peculiarities of living at the crossroads of East and West, the consequences of gender discrimination.
  • Requirements are a short (no more than 52 minutes) feature film script (2 copies in print, Courier New 12) and information about the author (contact phone and e-mail address) for participating in the competition. The electronic version of the script and information about the author should be sent to [email protected], with the subject line of “Script competition”.
  • Printed copies of the script must be submitted to the office of the Union by May 15, 2022. Address: Baku city, Hasan Seyidbayli street 18.
  • The rights of the script submitted to the competition must belong to the author, original and not screened.

The winners will be awarded with diplomas and cash prizes:

First place – 2000 AZN

Second place – 1500 AZN

Third place – 1000 AZN

The production of the winning scripts will be submitted to the Ministry of Culture as an advisable project.

For additional information, please contact: (012) 5059533, email: [email protected]