Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers` partnership with ``Visla`` Polish Film Festival.

“Polish cinema days” will be held in cooperation with Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers and “Visla” Polish Film Festival

The following will be screened on September 6, 13, 20, 27 at “Azerbaijan CinemaPlus” at 19:00

  • 6th of September – “Balcony movie” full-length documentary ( directed by Pavel Lozinski, 2021)
  • 13th of September – “Corpus Christi” full-length fiction ( directed by Jan Kokamasa,2019)
  • 20th of September – “No here at all” full-length documentary ( directed by Michal Kawecki, 2021)
  • 27th of September – “Leave no traces” full-length fiction (directed by Jan.P. Matuszynski, 2021)


It should be noted that the opening film of “Polish Cinema Days” is the full-length documentary “Balcony movie” by well-known documentarist Pavel Lozinski in 2021. The director has a good look at people from his balcony in the film which won the Grand Prix in the “Semaine de la critique” section at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2021. Debonair, unhappy, in brief, people with different characters pass before his eyes. The author stops them, makes them talk, takes an interest in their lives. Standing on his balcony with a camera for more than two years, the director turned it into a place of discussion and confession – where everyone can stop and talk about themselves to other people. “Balcony movie” is almost a return to the original features of cinema, because here people come to the camera here.

The film “Corpus Christi” by the director Jan Kokamasa in 2019 is based on real events and tells about the life of 20-years-old Daniel. In this full-length documentary “No here at all” directed by Michal Kawecki, the main character was a multiple champion in mountain skiing among people with physical disabilities. However, the unexpected accusations put his participation in the Winter Olympics in question. While in the correctional institution, he undergoes a spiritual transformation that hides his desire to become a priest from everyone as a result. After his release, his desire leads to severe conflicts with society.

The closing film of the festival is “Leave No Traces”. It reflects the political events that took place in Poland in 1983. The martial curfew imposed by the Communist government in those years is still in force, despite being abolished. The son of opponent writer Barbara Sadowska is captured and tortured by a militia patrol, and dies after two days of persecution. The only witness of this fatal torture decides to fight for justice for his friend and testify in court against the militia personnel.

The secretariat of AUF stated that Polish cinema has always been in the forefront in Europe, and the screening of the newest Polish films is a significant event for both our local audience and filmmakers. The films selected for the program are distinguished by their effectiveness, photographic solution, and strong dramaturgy.

AUF intends to continue screening programs of modern and classic European films.