Tashkent International Animation Forum will be held in the capital of Uzbekistan on April 18-22.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, former cult as well as modern national animation films included to the program of “50 years of Azerbaijani animation” will be screen at first Tashkent International Animation Forum

The curator of the program is Rashid Aghamaliyev, the director of ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival. He was also invited to the forum as a member of international jury. The author of many well-known Azerbaijani animation films Elchin Hami Akhundov will also be a guest of the forum.

Tashkent International Animation Forum will bring together animators from Central Asian countries and leading animation experts from Israel, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia.

According to the organizers, this is the first large-scale event dedicated to animation films since 30 years of its independence. The initiative belongs to Denis Semyonov, the founder of “Dante Rustav Films” Independent Directors Association of Uzbekistan. The forum will be held with the support of Uzbek Film Agency, Embassy of Israel, Swiss Cooperation Office

As for the “50th anniversary of Azerbaijani animation” program, it has previously been presented at international animation festivals in Azerbaijan (ANIMAFILM), Poland (StopTrik), Greece (Animasyros), Georgia (Tofuzi).

The program included following films “Jirtdan” (1969, directed by Aghanaghi Akhundov, Yalchin Afandiyev), “Tik-Tik Khanum” (1979, directed by Masud Panachi, Aghanaghi Akhundov), “About Jirtdan the Giant” (1981, directed by Bakhman Aliyev), “My mother has perched on a tree” (1986, directed by Firangiz Kurbanova), “Dedication” (1990, directed by Shamil Najafzade), “Fruit debate” (1994, directed by Elchin Hami Akhundov ), “Perfect wound” (2019, directed Samir Salakhov)