On May 10, Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers held an event dedicated to local documentaries named “Behind the scenes-Azerbaijan”.

The event at Azerbaijan Cinema was moderated by Sevda Sultanova. A large number of people attended in the film event of directors Rovshan Nijat, Nurlan Hasanli, Latif Latifsoy and Afsana Yusif.

Children with autism, a Russian language teacher working as a servant, the way of life of residents of Kalbajar who are no longer refugees were the main topics of documentaries.

The films brought Azerbaijan which has been backstage to the screen documentarily.

The film “Anya” depicts the life of a Russian language teacher working as a servant.

The director of the film is Latif Latifsoy and his film is distinguished by its visual solution.

The director explains why he chose the subject: “The choice of this subject was just an experiment for me. I preferred this one which was one step closer to me and within my means of the numerous topics that worries me. In my mind, the main thing is to feel the topic while making a documentary.”


The film “They”, which reflects the daily life of a child with autism, conveys the invisible side of their life. The exemplar of a family draws attention to such kind of families and the problems in this sphere. The director answered moderator`s “Why a documentary?” as follows: “When I was planning to make this film, I decided to take a different approach.

During the production of a feature film, according to the plan, it is possible to get any means, by little budget, even for free. But documentary is a different world. In a documentary, the course of events doesn`t comply you.


“What a nice kid… Is not she/he able to speak?” Most part of the film is with only voiceover in black screen. Accompanied by various reactions, the film captures the feelings and emotions of parents of children with autism, the pressures they face in society and their reactions.

It should be noted that the opinions expressed by the audience during the discussion were various. Director Afsana Yusif highlighted the genre of the film as sub-genre and inclusive documentary. A parent who was among the audience, expressed her opinion as follows:

“As a mother of a child with autism, I began to see no one has seen. I don’t think there was a need for an image. The author managed to give a part of what we experienced in her film. Thank you. ”


The film “Gift”, directed by Rovshan Nijat, tells the story of an IDP family. The spontaneous shooting of the film, visual and editing solutions, the composition of the film by the director himself were welcomed by the audience. The cinematography of the film (cameramen Elkhan Rustamov, Elshan Badalov) was specially appreciated by professionals. The event ended with a discussion of films.