Elmar imanov`s films at Cine House

On November 26, the Cinema House of the Union hosted a screening of Elmar Imanov’s films “Torn” and “The Swing of the Coffin Maker”.

Director Elmar Imanov, leading actors Rasim Jafar, Zulfiya Gurbanova and Teymur Hajiyev, the producer of the film “Torn” attended in the event which was moderated by film critic Sevda Sultanova.

A graduate of the Cologne International Film School, Imanov’s film in question won a bronze medal in “Best Foreign Language Film” category at the American Film Academy’s Student Academy Award. The film, starring People’s Artist Shamil Suleymanli, Rasim Jafarov, Gurban Ismayilov, Zulfiya Gurbanova and Emin Samadzade, tells the story of a coffin-making father (Yagub) and an adult son (Musa) with mental disability. After the screening of both films, film crew answered questions from the audience and the moderator.

Expounding on Elmar Imanov’s films, film critic Sevda Sultanova said that although the director lives in Germany for years, his films related to Azerbaijan have a special impact: “Despite the fact that the stories of your films are universal, no matter what, our national features are visible there. While watching your films, it strikes me that you feel Azerbaijan better than some directors working here, you know the society better.Because your stories are really impressive. ”

Speaking of the film “Swing of the Coffin maker”, in fact, the story does not begin in Azerbaijan. It begins somewhere, and later it comes out that, in fact, the story took place in Azerbaijan. I wrote the idea of this film after reading a story by Chekhov. In fact, I never wrote, when I was studying at the Film School, I thought about it a lot. The events here take place in the middle of the 19th century in a remote part of Germany. To tell the truth, I suddenly realized that, in principle, these events occurs in today’s Azerbaijan. For example, there is bribery or doctors make wrong diagnoses here too. It is true that these events can happen anywhere, but this is a place where I can come across them more often. Afterwards, I thought, why shouldn’t I reflect these to modern-day and shoot? It is true, I was forced to make this film in a sense. Because, before this film, I had another full-length film script about a migrant returning to Azerbaijan from Germany after many years.

But at the Film School I studied, I was told that we did not have the resources to finance it. They stipulated that I have 5 days to write another script. That’s how I wrote the script for “The Swing of the Coffin maker ”

The director answered to the question about the writing method of his films` scripts. “I read as much as I can in 4 languages – Azerbaijani, Russian, English and German. At the same time, I come to Azerbaijan twice a year. All of these helps me to write scripts. ”

The director explained the specific reason for working with the same actors in all three films: “Firstly, I work with them, because they always agree to work with me. Secondly, you can work with them for free. It`s true that, we paid for the first two films in certain amount because there was a budget. Of course, I work with the same actors because they are good actors with good personality.


Teymur Hajiyev, the producer of the film “Torn” said that everyone who worked hard in the film fought for a real cinema:”We worked for this film with restrictions, without any special opportunities. The long and the short of it, fight for your film, then everything will be alright. ”

Actor Rasim Jafar, who won the sympathy of the audience and experts with his the character Musa in the film, said that when he read the script firstly, he wanted to refuse the film:  Because I was scared, “I wondered if I could play?” I hesitated. But then I agreed. The reason was with my relative. The whole physical appearance of this character is, in fact, the appearance of my relative.

Then one day when I visited my relative, I saw him and looked at him a lot, and thought, yes, this person can fit in with the character I’m going to play. Then I started to visit to them regularly. ”

Actress Zulfiya Gurbanova answered the question by the moderator that “You and Rasim Jafar acted together in 5 films. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages for an actor of constantly working with the same partner? ”

“I can say on my own behalf that I have not lost anything. Of course, there is a big difference from our first corporation with Rasim to next ones. “The Swing of the Coffin maker” was the first film we played together. In the following roles, our energy adapted more. It’s not tiring for me to play with Rasim. ”

There are some kind of actors that when you look into his eyes, you feel the light. It is very important. You know that whatever improvisation you do, it will not be a stranger to him. Whatever Rasim does, I comply him, and at the same time whatever I do, he complies me. I can work with him, even in 10 films. Even when I get a film proposal, I wish to work with Rasim as a partner.”

Her colleague Rasim Jafar also said he was pleased to play with Z. Gurbanova: “In general, I think that being a partner is an exchange of energy, so to speak, a kind of game, let’s say, tennis. I pass it on to you, and you to me. If I play with the wall, the game will not happen. Playing a role with Zulfiyya means that “Whatever you give you will get more than it.

There was an audience expressed that “I watched the film with the same excitement and interest.” One of the audience said the following about the character of Yagub, played by People’s Artist Shamil Suleymanov: “I was born in one of the villages of Baku. Shamil Bey’s protagonist is a typical father figure that I observe around me. This character is introduced so accurately. ”

After the discussion of the film, director Elmar Imanov thanked the Cine House for the screening.

Izolda Aghayeva Lala