Grief over the death of Rustam Ibragimbekov in Georgia.

The death of People’s Writer, Chairman of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers Rustam Ibragimbekov was greeted with the same sadness not only in Azerbaijan, but also in Russia and Georgia.

Nino Zardalishvili, director of the literary department of the Academic Russian Drama Theater named after A.S. Griboyedov in Tbilisi, wrote on her Facebook page that the death of prominent film and culture figure, great writer and screenwriter Rustam Ibragimbekov is a great loss not only for Azerbaijani people but also for us. We mourn the great friend of the Georgian people, the man who has always loved Georgia sincerely: “Ibragimbekov once said:” I will do everything to make Azerbaijan and Georgia communicate and become friends more closely. I promise you on that.” He kept his promise. Throughout his life, he has been one of the strongest cultural links between our countries, and it is stronger and more reliable than any state contract. We also express our love to him. ”

N.Zardalishvili shared her memories of Ibragimbekov, having a look at the creative path of the great playwright and mentioned that Ibragimbekov was the author of more than 40 feature and television films. Almost all of his works have been screened.

The family of prominent Georgian screenwriter Suliko Jgenti also expressed condolences over the death of the chairman of AUF Rustam Ibragimbekov and expressed condolences to his family.

Condolences text says: “Our Rustam Ibragimbayov has left us….

Great man, humanist, loyal friend and connoisseur of Georgian culture.

His heart belonged to Azerbaijan but his name to literature, cinema and drama. Rustam Ibragimbekov was a man of Eastern culture with his creative thinking, and at the same time he was a representative and enlightener of common European culture. He, like the masters of the old oriental weapons, treated his works with dignity, sincerity and redoubting.

We cherish the memory of the great Rustam Ibragimbekov and wish Allah’s mercy upon him!

A screenwriter Suliko Jgenti`s family.

Tbilisi 2022