Interview with Nijat Dadashov, screenwriter of the film ``I am here, God``

Filming of “I am here, God” about the Patriotic War has been completed. AUF was informed on that by Nijat Dadashov, the founder of “Cineart Group” as well as the scriptwriter of the film.

The subject is the story is on Patriotic war and the wounded veteran. What was your inspiration to make a film about it?

– Of course, the main reason is our victory. During the war, like everyone else, I was getting information about the events happening on the front line from television and social media. There were a number of so dramatic stories I heard at that time. The idea of the film “I’m here, God” is also based on true story. One senior officer who took part in the liberation of Shusha city (he did not want to be named) wakes up after 3months coma because of being wounded and tries to lay claim to his child.About a year after that news, I found the officer, albeit with difficulty, and we had a series of meetings with him. As a result, this film was made.

What kind of research did you do carry out to portray the wounded soldier’s experience accurately?

During the development stage, we had close meetings with 7 war participants.First of all, I wanted to explore the situation that they fought since to be able to create comprehensive character. I was getting advice on military themes. I analyzed various battle tactics. Needless to say, these conversations are always opened hardly, because almost every one of them has lost a friend, a brother, a comrade in the war zone. This pain is still visible in their eyes. Thence this topic is momentous and critical for me. In a word, as a result of these meetings, which took place for about 3 months, I had a portrait on Second Karabakh war formed through the eyes of a soldier.

Another point was related to medicine, since it was necessary to properly convey the health changes of the soldier who woke up from a 3-month coma. Therefore, I communicated with local hospitals` doctors for a time. I even found a person who has been in coma and learned him about his life after it. In a word, I carried out a long but extremely rewarding research process before starting to write a script.


What kind of challenges did you face while making this film and how did you overcome them?

– Considering the current state of the film sector in our country, you also realize how many obstacles we had. Despite the fact that the topic was about the Patriotic War, we had a difficulty to find funding. At one point, we even thought that we would not be able to get enough budget. But we should not retreat, because they made martyr of themselves for the victory. We could not leave this work unfinished. Of course, the filming has already done, but we are still experiencing certain financial difficulties, mainly related to post-production and PR. But we believe in our project, it is 3 years anniversary of the war in September, and I think that our people have the right to watch a film about a hero, a participant of the Patriotic War. So we will do our best. There are several governmental agencies and private companies that we would like to apply to. We believe that they can support us in bringing such a topic to a screen. At the end of September, after commemoration day, this film will be released.

The title of the film is quite catchy. Why particularly this name?

  • It has so interesting story. I often do cemetery visit of my teacher Rustam Ibrahimbekov. During one of those visits, I decided to visit the other graves in Alley of Honor. Meanwhile, I had almost finished the script and had no idea about the title (as always). I stopped in front of Vagif Samadoglu’s tomb. It was written, “I am here, God” on the grave stone. I don`t know how to express this feeling, but I felt so unusual. I kept repeating to myself: “I’m here, God…” This enunciation impressed me in a slightly different way. I thought that my protagonist also continues to fight as if he has something to tell everyone. I am still alive. Heroes are always live and will live in our eyes. At that moment I realized that I had found the name of the film.

What do you think what the audience will get from the film?

– Let me answer this question in this way. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. This quote has been with me for ages. Both as a creative team and “Cineart Group” company, a motto was with us during production. This addresses not only our war veterans and also any person whose love of life came to an end – it is possible, even important, to alight on their feet from where they fall. Life goes on. I believe that the audience will be moved to tears, think and say that all of us has a reason to live. The point is to find that reason and hang on for dear life. This is the light that will lead us to disshadow.