Mirbala Salimli`s lecture to “Profession: screenwriter” screenwriting workshop for female authors` participants.

Mirbala Salimli, a secretary of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers, chief director of Shaki State Drama Theater, Honored artist, had a lecture on the topic of “The place and role of the event in the script” during Shaki stage of the project ” Profession: screenwriter” screenwriting workshop for female authors.

Salimli talked about the turning points of the event in the scenario, what it consists of, what elements it has, genre, internal elements. Moreover, he pointed out to the event and reaction to it, the evaluation of the fact in 3 stages, genre elements created by the event, actor’s acting style dictated by the genre, and 4 forms of actor’s acting style.

Later, the participants were invited by Mirbala Salimli to the new season opening performance “Suicide” of Shaki State Drama Theater. The director of the play is Orkhan Hamidli, the author of the work is Vagif Samadoghlu.

After the performance, a discussion of the play was held.