AUF Board member, Honored Art Worker, director, screenwriter Ziya Shikhlinski has started filming his new work.

This short documentary “Bella chao” produced by the support of AUF tells about the life path of Tahir Isayev, a participant of the Second World War, Italian Resistance Movement, and an Italian hero.

Filming locations are Gazakh district, hero` home museum.

As for the name of the film, “Bella Ciao” is in Italian, (meaning Goodbye, Beautiful). It is an Italian folk song that Italian partisans played as a march or anthem in World War II. This song has resound in 1940s and later became popular all over the world. It was confirmed in documents that the song was performed by Italian partisans. It is believed the song has been composed by an unknown guerrilla who was a doctor or paramedic.

It should be mention that, He was born in 28th of April 1922 in the Shikhli village of Gazakh district.

In 1942, he was wounded and taken captured in the heavy battles around Mozdok, and he crossed from the prisoner-of-war camp in Austria to Italy and joined the partisan group near Bergamo city.

  1. Isayev, called “Serafino” by his comrades in arms, acted shoulder to shoulder with Italians, French, British and Russians in the international brigade “Fiamma Verdi”.

Our compatriot was awarded with a total of 36 orders and medals, including the highest symbols of Italian heroism, the “Garibaldi Star”, “Antonio Gramsci”, “Banderi Calori” ones, as well as 12 Italian state awards.

Tahir Isayev, an honorary citizen of Milan since 1945, knew German and Italian. The film “His name was Serafino” shot in 1974 tells about Tahir Isayev. He died in 2001 and was buried in his native village.

In conclusion, 2022 was Tahir Isayev`s 100th anniversary. The first screening of the film will take place on April 28, on hero`s birthday.