New issue of Focus film magazine

The 11th number of the analytical film magazine “Focus” published with the financial and organizational support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers reunited with readers which was followed along by film professionals and cinema lovers.

“Fokus” is determined to attract new authors and to train new generation of film theorists. Together with Rahman Badalov, Nadir Badalov, Aygun Aslanli, Sevda Sultanova, Haji Safarov Elkhan Khanalizade, Aliya Dadashova, another well-known signatures Gismat Rustamov, Elchin Shamili and Teymur Daimi’s articles are also included on this number.

Director Ali Isa Jabbarov, secretary of the Union, editor-in-chief of “Focus”, mentions in the “Preface” that when you observe the processes of our cinema or analyze the aesthetic quality of films, a lack of intellectual approach is noticed: “If the relationship on our literary prose and cinema, script and production, private film companies and state orders are established more effectively, this can be considered an indicator of this approach. Will post-Ibrahimbekov era be able to eliminate this shortage of intellectual approach? “Our prose and our cinema” is also the focus of the current number.  Thus, the poet, essayist Gismat Rustamov researches the works of Isi Malikzadeh, and the film theorist Haji Safarov – the subject in the example of the screening of Yusif Samadoglu’s novel “The Day of Murder”.

It should be noted that the first number of the analytical film magazine “Focus” published by the Young Filmmakers Association was released in 2008.