On February 21, the films – “I’m looking for my brother”, “Last Autumn” and “The fence” were screened in “Azerbaijan” Cinema organized by Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers. The short fiction films “Last Autumn” and “The fence” bear traces of the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. “I’m looking for my brother” summarizes the tragedies faced by all innocent people in the instance of a person who was looking for his brother and  neighbor who tried to help him during the “20th of January” national mourning day.

“An archival footage that has not been used anywhere has been used in the film. After film the audience joined the discussions. Visually, I really liked “The fence”. The cinematography was quite interesting. The examples in the film actually acted as examples serving for peace. It’s just that in the end, the unravelment of the conflict did not lead to much peace. In the last scene, the stone has been crashed and set a limit according to director. In my mind, it was a line aimed for local audience. Because the issues for peace were not solved,” writer Orkhan Adigozal mentioned.

Ali Isa Jabbarov, the secretary of the union, said “I’m looking for my brother” by Ali-Sattar Guliyev has the potential of a full-length film. “When you watch movies like the one made by Mr. Rustam, you always ask the question, ‘Are there no positive Armenians?” But there is one positive Armenian there – kebap chef.

Therefore, the author’s view is objective.What I really like in “The fence” is that there is the clamour of the Armenian mother. So it can be said that the motherhood has no nationality. His clamour is the same everywhere. A mother who cries for her child cries in the same way everywhere, regardless of nationality.”

The next film screening organized by AUF will be held on February 28 at “Azerbaijan” Cinema.