Shooting stage of ``Colorful dreams of black and white letters`` film production project

Shooting stage of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers` current “Colorful dreams of black and white letters” film production project has been started. Student participants will produce both short fiction film “Court”, which the script was written within the framework of the training, and documentary film “Transformation”, observing the project process, in Gabala city. Honored artist Ilgar Jahangir and other actors will star in the film. Rovshan Isakh, the mentor of the project, will lead the process. The entire film crew consists of students participating in the project. Currently, preparing for the shooting of the film is underway. Shooting will start on December 6.

Theoretical stages of the aforementioned project was held in Baku. Initial stages were consisted of finding an idea and its screen solution, director work on the film script, teamwork of director, cinematographer, artistic directors and composer in the pre-production stage, preparation period for shooting and Rovshan Isakh.

It is worth to note that this type of project is the 4th one by of AUF. Previously, “From heart to pen” summer school for screenplay development, “Film production from A to Z” film directing courses and “Profession: screenwriter” screenplay workshop for women authors were implemented.