The Swedish film days have been launched within the framework of the cooperation of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Baku and Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers. The first film was the feature film “The Emigrants” (Utvandrarna) directed by Erik Poppe.

Before the screening, Sirus Rustamov, secretary for trade and cultural affairs of the Swedish Embassy in Baku, and Ali Isa Jabbarov, secretary of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers, gave a speech. They emphasized being happy with this cooperation and continuity of this project in the future.

After the speech, film critic Sevda Sultanova briefed the audience about the film. “The Emigrants” tells about the life of Kristina Nilsson, who emigrated from Sweden to America with her family. Having trouble getting used to the new environment, the protagonist questions the possibility of starting over, re-creating herself. She is looking for answers to these questions throughout her life. After a long and difficult voyage, they finally reach the new world – America, which is also the beginning of a new life for them.

It should be mentioned that one of the main priority of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers is the development of educated audience with good taste in our country. Therefore, it organizes screenings of both local and foreign films throughout the year. Last month, six Polish feature films were screened in cooperation with the Polish film festival “Visla”.

Swedish films will be screened on “Azerbaijan” CinemaPlus in their original language, with Azerbaijani subtitles, every Tuesday at 7 p.m during November. Entrance is free.