The cinema-news website – founded by Young Filmmakers Association has been launched. The site is primarily addressed to film professionals. The chairman of the association, Ali Isa Jabbarov, underlines that people working in this field are unaware of the general cinema environment and each other. This problem hinders the development of the cinema market, creates a wrong perception of the general situation. The “In the folder”, “In the arena” and “On the screen” sections of the site will inform the readers about the new developments in all three stages of film production in our country.

One of the main goals of the website is to inform businessmen about local film production and encourage them to invest in film. As a rule, our businessmen are not aware of the processes taking place in a potentially profitable field of cinema. For this purpose, quite amount of articles will be devoted to the economic aspect, statistics, and financial news of cinema.

In addition to Azerbaijani cinema, the most important cinema news of neighboring countries will also be featured on the site. The goal is to convey the processes taking place in the regional cinema to the cinema community.

The site was launched with the financial support of the Cinema Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ARKA). Ali Isa Jabbarov, chairman of the association, said: “It would be difficult to found the website without the support of the Film Agency. I would like to note with gratitude that the idea of the site was supported by Orkhan Fikratoghlu, the acting director general of the Agency, and we established.”

Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers provided organizational support to the site. The journalist, screenwriter Ramil Alakbarov is the editor, Ali Isa Jabbarov is the head of the project.