The establishment of Cinema Agency

As reported, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has signed a rescript on the establishment of the public legal entity “Cinema Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan”.

According to the rescript, the establishment of a public legal entity ”Cinema Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan” under Ministry of Culture aims to improve the implementation of state policy in the field of filmmaking, ensure the sustainability of Azerbaijani cinema in international rivalry, modernize local production and broadcasting infrastructure.

Secretary of the Union, film director Ali Isa Jabbarov made statement on on the establishment of the Cinema Agency.

The Secretary said that AUF wholeheartedly welcomes the establishment of the Agency: “This establishment is so important for the development of our cinema, the formation of the essential authorities and independence. We also participated in project preparation as a Union. The agency is a lever, the history will show how it will be used. For the first time since the termination of Azerkinovideo in early 2000s, the management of the cinema was entrusted to a public entity. This is a step taken by state to show the importance of cinema and give it authority. Of course, logically, these powers can be used less, poorly, or very well.The establishment should not unbend us. ”

A.I.Jabbarov noted that this rescript of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev allow of chances, opportunities but whether to make good use of it or not is up to us: “As a film community, we must friendly work together with the staff of the Agency for the development of our cinema and must make full use of resourses provided by the agency. Every year, the state allocates around 6 million manat for cinema. Mr. President also approved the “State Program for the Development of Azerbaijani Cinema for 2008-2018″. Unfortunately, the relevant departments did not properly implement the state program at that time. In 2019, 5 million manat was allocated to the Ministry of Culture to support film production and creativity of young filmmakers from the reserve fund of the president. We have not been able to realize the opportunities and chances we have so far to our regret. But now the establishment of this agency gives us great chances and opens up possibilities.”