On November 28, the last feature film “Hilma” was screened within the “Swedish Film Days”project at “Azerbaijan” CinemaPlus. Moderator Sevda Sultanova, who gave information about the director, Lasse Hallström, said that he was known for his music videos for the famous group ABBA: “These music videos were distinguished by their innovative styles. His fame was brought to him by the feature film “My life as a dog”, which was nominated for an Oscar in 1985. This film attracted the attention of American producers and they offered the cooperation. Hallström makes more films in America than in Sweden.”

Emphasizing the main aspects of the director’s creativity, the moderator mentioned that his visual works have both artistic value and commercial success: the films “Chocolat”(2000), “The cider house rules” received awards and earned quite income.I would like to share with you an interesting fact, 19-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio received the “promising young actor” award by film critics for his role in the film “What`s eating Gilbert Grape?”. Hallström works well with actors. He is an interesting storyteller and has a mild humor in his films.

Afterwards, talking about the director’s film “Hilma”, the moderator noted that Hilma af Klint is considered one of the first representatives of abstractionism in visual art: “Hilma, influenced by expressionists and especially Munch, was engaged in spiritualism and made paintings based on the messages she received from the world of spirits, and at the same time wrote about it. have records. “Hilma” is about moral and spiritual world of the artist, the search for the truth on humanity and the universe.

“Hilma” was welcomed by the audience. To add with “Swedish Film Days” held during November is a joint project of AUF and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Azerbaijan.