The new issue of “Fokus” film magazine which dedicated to poetic cinema

The 12th issue of “Focus” Analytical Film Magazine was published by financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers. It is the only analytical, print, film magazine in the region, which has gained the reputation of professionals and student filmmakers.Among the constant authors of the magazine there are well-known signatures such as Aygun Aslanli, Aliya Dadashova, Sevda Sultanova and Nadir Badalov. The editorship of the magazine informed that they are pleased to have Alisafdar Huseynov, a film theorist, candidate of sciences in art criticism in the authors list. Increase in author’s staff is one of the main goals ahead.

According to secretariat of AUF, film criticism development and film critics training are one of the principal tasks standing in front of our cinema. “Focus” film magazine is a successful platform for this purpose. website of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers is one of the projects established to that end.

Ali Isa Jabbarov, a secretary of AUF, editor-in-chief of the magazine, mentioned that this issue`s articles have formed around the main topic. The main theme is “cinema and poetry”, poetic cinema. Ali Isa Jabbarov said that “Azerbaijani literature, especially poetry, is quite rich and it can give bright visual images and cinematic language to our cinema. Our poetry can give a chance to our cinema to globalise”

There are exclusive interviews with well-known film directors such as George Ovashvili, Dervish Zaim, Semih Kaplanoglu, Elchin Musaoghlu in this issue.In addition, Shahana Urfan, Aygun Aslanli, Alisafdar Huseynov and Nadir Badalov analyze poetic cinema`s traditions in the examples of national and world cinema. The works of Todd Field and Ruben Östlund are also on the focus of the magazine. Sevda Sultanova submitted the analysis of Oktay Mir-Gasym creativity while Lamiya Abbas on Tengiz Abuladze respectively. Aliya Dadashova wrote on Hilal Baydarov’s fiction film “Sermon to the Fish”, which has been a participant in international film festivals.

The magazine will come onto the market in the “Libraff” bookstores chain from July 10th. But the magazine is distributed in free of charge to professionals and students.