Next KinoLab project`s pitching stage has ended. This year, 8 young directors participated in Kinolab with their film projects. Murad Allahverdi, a young director, who has been a participant in the projects of AUF, was selected as the winner of this year’s program by the jury with his documentary film project “Kura”.

“Kinolab” is for young filmmakers who are new to documentary or who have a film idea but want to know how to realize and finance it in the future. Participation in the film workshop is free of charge. Furthermore, each selected participant is provided with all possible mentoring program to make their new or first film teaser at the end.

It should be noted that Murad Allahverdi participated in the “From heart to pen” script development project and “Film production from A to Z” intensive film directing courses both organized by Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers.

Congratulation to our alumni and we wish him success in his future creative works.