Upcoming film day of Rashad Babayev.

A film evening of an artist, director Rashad Babayev will be held at the Cinema House of the Union on December 3rd. R.Babayev’s multifaceted creative path includes directions such as painting, statuary and film.

The artist, who first held a solo exhibition in 2004, later participated in many exhibitions in Azerbaijan and abroad. His works are also exhibited in countries such as Georgia, Korea and Kazakhstan.

As a result of his interest in cinema, he worked on a number of scripts and short films. In 2013, he wrote and directed his first short film, named “The Passenger”, about the chances of two completely different person`s meeting. His short film “61 grams” took part in Cairo International Film Festival.

R.Babayev is also the screenwriter, director and producer of the short film “Lost” and the short animated film “Chao”, which were released in 2018. The themes addressed by R.Babayev are pivotally the same and he tries to reflect the inner life of people in his works that he deeply studies.

Several short films of the author in different formats will be screened at Cine House. The language of cinema and visual solutions will be discussed with the author. The moderator of the event is Sevda Sultanova.