Focus, one of the most professional magazines watched with interest by film professionals and film enthusiasts, was published with its next 10th number.
It should be noted that the Focus analytical film magazine, published by Young Filmmakers Association, is the only analytical film magazine published in print format in Caucasus.
The publication of the 10th number was funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan. According to the agreement between Young Filmmakers Association and Ministry of Culture, the ministry will finance the publication of the next 4 numbers too.
Incidentally, AUF also provided financial and organizational support for the edition of the magazine.

In this number, the magazine traditionally collaborates with Sevda Sultanova, Aliya Dadashova, Aygun Aslanli, as well as new authors, Gismat Rustamov and Haji Safarov. The magazine intends to attract new authors and raise a new generation of film critics.
Ali Isa Jabbarov, the editor of the analytical film magazine Focus, notes in the magazine’s “Foreword” that the main purpose of the 10th number is to find answers to the questions “where is our cinema?” and “where is our cinema going?”

For this reason, the playwright Jafar Jabbarli’s article “Where is Azerkino?” published in “Literaturnaya Gazeta” on June 20, 1930, No. 30 (67) was selected as the first article of the magazine.
Film directors Elvin Adigozal, Hilal Baydarov, Rufat Hasanov are the main heroes of the number. There are also articles by Rustam Ibrahimbekov and the famous scriptwriter Christopher Vogler. Interviews with cinematographer Orkhan Abbasov, film directors Teymur Daimi and Teymur Hajiyev are also considered interesting articles of this number.

According to Ali Isa Jabbarov, chairman of Young Filmmakers Association, the resumption of the magazine’s publication is due to changes in Cinema Department of the Ministry of Culture (new name Audiovisual and Interactive Media Department): “No progress can be made in any sphere without analyzing the process,” he said. We see the main mission of Focus in it. “