Filmmaking community highly appreciates the results of the Cinema Forum held on the theme “Azerbaijani Cinema – 125. Reality, challenges and goals”. Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers also considers it crucial to have such continuous events.

In particular, the constructive approach of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan Republic forms a positive impression. After the forum, the Union presented practical proposals to the Ministry of Culture.

Proposals include film education, film funding policy, film festivals, public cinema  organizations, the establishment of a Cinema House, creativity and ideology, State Film Fund` technical equipment renewal, social policy and the establishment of a national film television channel.

One of the offers is to found a TV channel named “Our Cinema” for broadcasting national films with the aim of shaping and promotion of national cinema`s positive image. Promotion of national cinema as a low-budget TV channel should be the main goal of the project.

Ali Isa Jabbarov, the secretary of AUF, says the establishment of such a channel will increase the rating of our national films, the number of viewers, as well as can cause the recognition of new films by a wide audience.