CineDoc Festival in Azerbaijani schools

CineDOC-Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival is the main documentary film festival of the South Caucasus region. CinéDOC-Tbilisi is followed by a year- long screening tour in all regions of Georgia, in the framework of CinéDOC-School. This project is organized since 2021. In around 100 schools in all regions of Georgia,these type of screenings have been held.

Cine-DOC Tbilisi has started implementing this project in Azerbaijan as well. In the framework of Azerbaijan School screening program, educational documentary and animation films are screened for schoolchildren. After the screening, discussions are held with the students about the films they watched. Screenings have already taken place in several high schools within the framework of the program.  Afag Yusifli and Ulviyya Ahmadova, the representatives of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers, are responsible individuals for the project in Azerbaijan. Films are screened not only in secondary/high but also boarding schools. Afag Yusifli, Afsana Yusif and Ulviyya Ahmadova moderated the discussions up till now.

Special thanks to AUF employee Tofig Amatayev for his support in organizing of the screening day at No 2 boarding school with general assignation.

Children who watch age-appropriate films from different parts of the world travel the world and stories. The film screenings in schools and their discussion among students have a positive impact on children.

The main purpose of this type of screenings is to introduce schoolchildren the culture of other countries, the world around them, to form their film taste and discussion ethics.