Aygün Aslanli, a member of the editorial board of the “Fokus” analytical film magazine, was selected as the chairman of the NETPAC jury of the 24th Joenju International Film Festival (South Korea) to present the special award of the NETPAC organization within the framework of the cooperation of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers and NETPAC cinema organization. XIV Joenju Film Festival will run from April 27 to May 6.

Films will compete for a total of 15 awards in 4 categories, including the Grand Prize, Best Picture Prize, Special Jury Prize, NETPAC Award, Documentary Award, and Best Director Prize (Korean Competition for Shorts) at the festival.

There is a jury team of 14 international and local professionals to announce the winners. The jury consists of filmmakers, actors, film critics, festival program directors, academics and other film professionals from Korea and several foreign countries.

The competition section of the festival consists of International competition, Korean competition, Korean competition for shorts, Special award.

The winner of the NETPAC Award will also be chosen by three juries: film critic Aygun Aslanli, Kim Hyung-Seok, a former programmer for the PyeongChang International Peace Film Festival and current Festival Director and Programmer for the Chuncheon Film Festival; and Choi Yoon, a film producer and Head of the Contents Department at Barunson Labs, who has served as a film studies professor at Dong-Eui University, director of the Busan Film Commission, chairman of the Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNet), and a jury member at various film festivals and organizations.

4 awards will be presented, including the NETPAC award in the special award section of the festival. This award will be given to an Asian film selected by a panel of 3 juries by NETPAC ( Network for the Promotion of Asia Pacific Cinema). The winner of Grand Prix will receive 20 million Korean Won in cash and a prize.

According to the festival’s official information, within the JEONJU International Film Festival, there was an opinion that crossing lines, defying boundaries, and continuing to take on new challenges are the nature of the JEONJU IFF. The JEONJU IFF has constantly made efforts to expand the realm of the film art genre based on new methods of expression and borderless imagination. As the festival achieves consilience between genres through films via programs, spaces, and events, we created this slogan to emphasize the JEONJU IFF’s spirit of challenge, breaking away from traditional film formats and screening methods.