Participants of summer school by AUF were approved.

As it has been mentioned before “From heart to pen” summer school on the development of the screenwriting by Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers will be held on August 23-30 in Sheki.

At the Summer School, participants will get an intensive training program that will cover questions such as what is a screenwriting, the basic rules of it, how to turn an idea into a written script and etc.

It must be known that the guest speaker of the “Summer School” is Honored Art Worker, director Mirbala Salimli. He will have a lecture on the topic of “Anatomy of the event in the scenario.”

Among the participants selected for the Summer School, there are incipient screenwriters, as well as filmmakers who have already taken very first steps into the mysterious world of screenwriting. It should be noted that the project “From Heart to the Pen” has two parts. A total of 12 participants will benefit from the project, 9 participants were selected to Shaki stage, while 3 participants to Baku. Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers will not deny its full support to all participants` projects` screening.

The trainer of the project is a student of London Film School, film director Javid Zaidov, the head of the project is Afag Yusifli. This project is an on-going project of AUF. The project will continue in the upcoming future as a summer and winter school format.

According to AUF,actions in the field of dramaturgy is vital for the development of our cinema.

It is worthy of note that there is also a film dramaturgy course at the AUF under the leadership of People’s Writer Rustam Ibrahimbayov.