The prose literature works of the world-known playwright, outstanding prose writer, People’s Writer of Azerbaijan Rustam Ibragimbekov, including his narratives, which have become the subject of many visual works, are one of the unique events of our literature.

Prose works of the prominent master both in literature and film whose 85th birthday is being celebrated these days, will be presented to Azerbaijani readers in a comprehensive and elegant way by “Qanun” publishing house after a long time. Shahbaz Khuduoglu is the publisher of the books “Temple of the Air” and “Solar networking” prepared by writer-translator Nariman Abdulrahmanli with Rustam Ibragimbekov presence.

The book “Temple of the Air” contains narratives of a prominent writer. The simplicity of his storytelling, the conciseness and cybernetic accuracy of his ideas, the ability to create a visual image of the events he describe via words, the talent to go to the invisible depths of the human heart, the unique environment and unusual characters he presents to the reader are the features that distinguish his prose.

R.Ibrahimbekov’s works are reminiscent of unique illustrations of 20th century Baku. In the book “Solar networking “, which is a collection of stories and the novel of the same name, R. Ibrahimbekov’s Baku is presented to the reader with its unique atmosphere, lifestyle, traditions, and unwritten laws and a whole image of the city, a perfect portrait is created in the memories as F. Dostoyevsky’s St. Petersburg, J. Joyce’s Dublin, O. Pamuk’s Istanbul.