Rustam Ibragimbekov`s universe.

As we mentioned, world-famous, a man of letters and culture, Rustam Ibrahimbekov, chairman of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers was awarded Nika`s special nomination “For Honor and Dignity” for 2020. In this regard, the Russian website published an article about the personality and work of Rustam Ibrahimbekov.

Rustam Ibrahimbekov makes interesting improvisations around the questions and opines global ideas: Today, it is difficult to find a place on Earth where there is no political, social, military confrontation and conflict. In my estimation, humankind must fight for the future to come and happen before anything else!  It is people who need to mull over about the fact that the planet Earth, which is no doubt a living organism, let not be destroyed.

I am not weary of repeating, the problem is that we are still on the path to a situation that need to be called “Human” in an absolute range of moral feelings and intellectual responsibility. It is possible to say that most of them are very similar to human beings, as if they speak like human beings, they have human interests, but they deprived of the main thing – morality.

Even predators that feed on weaker animals eat only what is necessary to maintain their vitality. The only living being on earth who does not know the limits of consumption in the real and metaphoric meaning due to egoism is human. This approach exactly leads to the catastrophic situation of nature and societies.

Humankind is not yet mature enough to appreciate the most important human qualities, such as kindness, compassion, and caring. At all stages of education, we are informed about everything except for a caring attitude towards the place where we live and the world around us.

We have mastered every skill related to destruction, but we have not yet developed a mechanism that uses our sense of egoism properly. I am an optimal management specialist on my first major cybernetics.  I consider that a person who is egoist at every step should not only seek profits on own interests, but most importantly working also for people. It is sort of learning to overcome and manage it by entering the “territory of threshold.”

Egoism cannot be abstained, because it is innate. However, it is possible to explain to a human being that if you continue to live in this manner, both you and the next generation will perish. Sharing will benefit all and only you. Only then we will be saved if we can elucidate to a human that benevolence is a useful quality for him/herself.

This is the edification of the egoic altruism. It is necessary to teach to be benefactor, using the egoistic demands of the human as an argument.  Rustam Ibrahimbekov’s thoughts and convictions continue with the views of his interlocutor.

Interview is completed with his thoughts from the film about R.Ibrahimbekov named “Play for Two Cities”: “Almost nothing has changed in my life. The only thing that changes is that I am getting older.  I make friends with the same people, I am married to the same woman, there is no one closer in my life than her, my children and my brother. Only the living environment is changing. I am absolutely convinced that there is nothing more vital rather than self-loyalty, not to comply on the temptation of alterations and to withstand the pressure of circumstances. What is sageness? It is a sense of precise boundary in everything. ”