3rd practical Shaki stage of Film production from A to Z” project had completed.

It should be noted that on the 3rd 10 days, the shooting of the scenario was carried out which was considered suitable for production in a short period of time by jury. The screenwriter of the film selected for shooting is Shahin Huseynli. A short fiction film “Cage” tells life story of Jamil with his seriously ill mother who works as a courier in a restaurant. The mother is concerned about her son and wants him to start a family soon. For Jamil, his mother’s surgery is more important. In order to quickly get enough money for the surgery, he had to accept an offer to deliver drugs from Ansar, an administrator at the restaurant where Jamil works, and also a member of a drug trafficking network.

Jamil, who is oppressed by moral suffering and loses his sleep and flails around as in the cage in this situation. He wants to escape and Ansar’s arrest accelerates the fulfillment of his wish.

It should be noted that the film was made with the joint participation of the team. Most of the film crew consisted of team participants – a director of photography – Orkhan Adigozalov, an assistant director-Ilaha Nurullayeva, a production designer Saadat Gurbanova, a costume designer Sevinj Guliyeva, 2nd AD Mirtalib Hasanov, 1st assistant camera Sarkhan Najiyev, film editor Tural Alasgarli, leading actors Farid Eyvazov, Murad Allahverdiyev and Ruhulla Rahimov. The directors of the film are all team members. The tutor of the student film work is Honored Art Worker Mirbala Salimli.

In Shaki stage, deeper analysis of the script, the location scouting, working with the actors, the organization of designing team, the light in the fiction film, the setting of the scene, etc. have practically been shown to students. Currently, the film is in an editing stage.