The next meeting of Azerbaijan Union of Cinematographers was held

On November 6, next meeting of the board of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan (AUF) was held.

The agenda included a discussion of the activities of the secretariat, the approval of new projects, as well as questions of admission to AUF. The meeting was attended by national writer Anar, Honored Art Workers of Azerbaijan Firangiz Gurbanova, Jamil Farajev, Zia Shikhlinsky, Baba Veziroglu, Mirbala Salimli, Honored Worker of Culture Asad Asadov, directors Oleg Safaraliev, Javid Imamverdiyev, Tair Alibarov, Ali Ibaev, Ali Iabov, Ali Isa Jabbarov and president of AUF Rustam Ibragimbekov.

Ali Isa Jabbarov opened the meeting with his speech and acquainted all members of AUF over the past period.

Oleg Safaraliev, Director of the Cinema House, briefly talking about the activities of the recently opened Film School, noted that students are currently studying here in three specialties: directing, dramaturgy and animation.

Safaraliev mentioned that they selected 25 students, of which 11 will study film drama, 4 people animation, and the rest will study filmmaking. Classes began in September. The film school shows screen the best examples of film classics.

A famous film playwright Pavel Finn is invited from Moscow, who is already conducting his master classes. We have growing talented young people; I want to believe that the film school will be the beginning of their successful career in cinema.” Then Ali Isa Jabbarov drew the attention of members to the activities of the Cinema House: “It has been several months since the day when the Cinema House opened its doors to the audience. We are trying to establish closer cooperation between filmmakers of the young and older generations. Our film presentations, as a rule, end with discussions on the problems that this or that picture affects. I want to note that October was remembered for a number of interesting events. The Cinema House hosted guests and participants of two international festivals: The DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival (as the organizer and sponsor) and the ANİMAFİLM International Film Festival (as the main sponsor). In the future, we intend to continue close collaboration in the framework of these festivals.

We try not to limit our activities only to showing films, it is important for us that the Cinema House can become a meeting place for many people, where everyone can exchange their point of views and discuss interesting ideas. In this regard, I would like to note the presentation of the book “Screened Artworks” by the young author Sevda Sultanova, published by the Union of Writers of Azerbaijan, the plot of which has recently become the subject of an interesting discussion in our Cinema House.

President of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan Rustam Ibragimbekov shared his idea of ​​creating the Baku Twentieth Century Film Museum in the near future, noting that a systematic screening of films about Baku will be organized in this museum, which viewers can watch at any time convenient for them. In addition, the UAF chairman named another interesting project – the Novruz Festival of National Films, one of the main tasks of which is to demonstrate our national films in the regions, which, in his opinion, will help expand their audience. Events will be held in Baku, Ganja, Sheki, Lankaran and Nakhchivan.

Secretary of the UK, writer Anar made a proposal to include the Union of Writers in the implementation of this project.

Ali Isa Jabbarov considered it necessary to slightly expand the geography of the festival and suggested holding it also in the frontline zone.

During the meeting, Asad Asadov, touching upon the current state of film criticism, noted the importance of taking the necessary measures for positive changes in this area. National writer Anar also proposed reviving the film criticism section, which at one time successfully functioned in AUF.

It should be noted that at a board meeting, among current issues, the issue of accepting new members in AUF was also considered. Writer / screenwriter Nariman Abdulrahmanli, historian Aydin Hajiyev specializing in documentary filmmaking, film director Kamal Mehdiyev, actors Elkhan Abbasov and Reshad Kesemenli, the master of animation Solmaz Huseynova, film organizer Ilham Babayev were admitted to the Union of Filmmakers of Azerbaijan.

Calling satisfactory the work of the secretariat of the board, the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan approved the proposed projects.

Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan.