The Polish Film Festival continues. The festival takes place within the framework of the cooperation of AUF and Polish film festival “Visla”. The second film presented on October 11 was Jerzy Skolimovski’s “EO”. Before the screening, festival coordinator and project manager Yanna Nechai gave brief information on director as well as film.

She mentioned that the “EO” won the special prize of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival. It was also nominated for the “Best Foreign Film” nomination.

The film “EO” follows the world through the eyes of an animal. EO, a gray donkey with melancholic eyes, meets good and bad people on his life’s path, experiences happiness and suffering. The director tells the indifference of people towards animals in the exact. Although EO continues to desire the love and affection of Cassandra, his handler at the circus, people only see him as an animal.

After the screening, a discussion took place under the moderatorship of Ilgar Guliyev, a representative Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers, director, editor of website. The audience shared their thoughts on the film.

6 polish films is going to be screened at “Azerbaijan” CinemaPlus. The next films` dates are October 12, 17, 24, 31.