The special edition of Rakurs quarterly bulletin by AUF has been published which covers the works of  October, November, December 2022, as well as the report of the year. The articles are about filming locations, festivals and competitions, films as well as artists  with anniversary and obituaries of passed away artists.

The special edition of the quarterly bulletin on the AUF annual activities contains information about its projects, events, and film discussions carried out during the year.

In the special edition, you can get acquainted about AUF Film School`s open call for new students` admission, “Polish Cinema Days”, “Cinema Days in the South” events, “I’m a Woman” short film script competition, Shaki and Baku stages of “Filmmaking from A to Z” project, new members accepted and other projects of the Union.

The secretariat of AUF underlined that “accountability and transparency are the main principles of our activities”. As an organisation, we consider to prove the trust we have earned by the cinema community as our highest duty.

This bulletin intended for film researchers is published based on the idea and initiative of the people’s writer and playwright Rustam Ibragimbekov. The main goal is both to report to the public and the state about the works of AUF and to create a chronicle of the filmmaking processes in the country. The bulletin`s chief editor is Nariman Abdulrahmanli, editor is Sevda Sultanova, and producer is Ali Isa Jabbarov.