Polish Film Festival which is held for the eighth time is started within the framework of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers and “Visla” Polish film festival cooperation.

The films will be screened at “Azerbaijan” CinemaPlus on October 10, 11, 12, 17, 24, 31.

The first film to be presented is Maciej Kawalski’s Dangerous Gentlemen – a humorous mix of crime and comedy. Gangsters, artists, politicians and a mysterious corpse. Beyond a doubt it will entertain the audience.

The next day – October 11, Azerbaijani audience will watch the film “IA” by Jerzy Skolimowski, an unusual story about the world seen through the eyes of an unusual animal. This European journey will show us people, their pros and cons, desires, problems as well as dreams.

Our repertoire also includes Lech Majevski’s film “Brigitte Bardot wonderful”. The film is an interesting story on the main character`s childhood world and cinema dreams. This film is about love, longing and also self-discovery.

The last film we will present to the Azerbaijani audience as part of this year’s “Wisla” will be “25 years of innocence” by director Jan Holoubek. It is based on real events and shows the touching story of Tom Komenda, who was innocently imprisoned for almost 20 years.

The representative of the festival expressed her opinions to AUF about this year’s screening: The visit to Baku has a special meaning for us, because we will be able to share a unique selection of Polish films with the Azerbaijani audience. We look forward to meeting Baku residents and enjoying the Polish film world together. “Wisla” Festival is the biggest festival of Polish filmmaking held in dozens of cities around the world. Festival main intention is to create and strengthen intercultural dialogue, as well as to contribute to the development of international cooperation between film creators and figures. Our goal is to introduce Polish cinema to the local audiences, as well as to popularize Polish cinema among representatives of the foreign film industry.

We express our gratitude to Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers, which supported us in this work, and wish to cooperate in the coming years.

Polish Film Festival “Wisla”